Some new digital art

The first three abstract paintings were created completely digitally, in Procreate and iColorama.

Abstract digital painting

Abstract digital painting

Abstract digital painting

And these three paintings are made up of layers of alcohol inks and digital textures.

Lion digital paintingAbstract digital painting

Abstract digital painting

Abstract digital painting

Coloring in Procreate – Online Class

I just launched my second class on Skillshare. If you enjoy colouring and have an iPad, you will learn many techniques using textures, metallic effects, and more.

Click here to get 2 months free on Skillshare.
You can take my class, and choose from thousands more.

Coloring on iPad

Here is a larger view of the lessons. Special thanks to DiceBird for allowing me to use her owl colouring page and to Steve “Squidoodle” Turner for permission to use his teapot colouring page.

Coloring in Procreate lesson 1

Coloring in Procreate lesson 2

Coloring in Procreate lesson 3

Coloring in Procreate lesson 4

Coloring in Procreate lesson 5

Coloring in Procreate lesson 6

Coloring in Procreate lesson 8

Coloring in Procreate lesson 8

Coloring in Procreate lesson 9


Digital art from photos

iColorama is an app with too many features to count. Sometimes I like to start with a photo and quickly add a bunch of random filters and effects. (Of course I often kick myself for not keeping track.) Here are a few examples with the original photos. All photos are from Pixabay.

Abstract source photo

digital painting

Flower source photo

Flower digital painting

landscape photo

abstract painting from landscape

Review: Tangle Starts, Strings

I just received my copy of the new Zentangle® workbook by Alice Hendon:

Tangle Starts Strings

This is a workbook containing 366+ strings for tangling, one for every day of the year, and then some.

In addition to some Zentangle® basics, there is a great variety of strings,


including some mandala strings.

mandala strings

In addition to the 366 daily strings, there is a bonus section of strings created digitally by yours truly.

Geneviève's strings

This is a great book for daily tangling which could evolve into an annual practice.

For more details, and ordering links, see Alice Hendon’s blog post.

More digital marbling

Here is some more artwork based on the digital marbling app Edru. As I worked, some of the images stared to look like critters. Here are a couple of examples.

Edru Critters

Edru Critters

These two paintings started with the same image I created in the Edru app, with different backgrounds applied in Procreate.

Digital Marbling

Digital Marbling

These two are layered with backgrounds created using iColorama, Metabrush, Procreate, and Waterlogue apps.

Digital Marbling

Digital Marbling

Finally, I belong to a Facebook group called iPad Artists – All Included. One of my pieces is included in this video of artwork from group members.