Fabric Collage in Procreate

I’m still playing with the WhipStitch Craft Kit for Procreate by Abbie Nurse (Uproot Brushes). You can see the kit here (affiliate link).

This is a gnome inspired by Jennifer Nichols’ Gnomes class on Skillshare.

Gnome digital fabric collage

The next two are based on my Quirky Portraits, Molly the cat, and Oliver the owl.

Molly cat fabric collage
Oliver owl fabric collage

In this one, I used more of Abbie’s brushes, including screws and frayed edges.

Bird fabric collage

And this is a mandala fabric collage using Abbie’s felt textures, buttons, and trim.

Mandala fabric collage

Faux Embroidery in Procreate

I recently got the WhipStitch Craft Kit for Procreate by Abbie Nurse (Uproot Brushes). It’s a very impressive collection of brushes including fabric textures, buttons, stitches, and much more. You can see the kit here (affiliate link).

The first thing I did was to play with the brushes, and I created this sampler. And yes, there are googly eyes! I love the attention to detail in all the brushes.

Stitching in Procreate

The next logical step was for me to apply the techniques to some of my Quirky Portraits. Here are two versions of Bailey the dog, and Elsa the cow.

Dog portrait in faux stitching
Dog portrait in faux stitching
Cow portrait in faux stitching
Artwork, Tutorial

Tutorial: Paper Collage in Procreate

New tutorial on YouTube: create this image in Procreate, using several techniques to emulate the look of cut, layered paper.

Cut-paper technique in Procreate

If you are reading this in an email and don’t see the video below, you can click here to see the video on YouTube.

Products used in this video (affiliate links):


Some New Portraits

Here are a few of my latest portraits.
Meet Layla, Gwendolyn, Georgette, and Adèle.

More Quirky Portraits

Speaking of portraits, I just got some new business cards from Moo. I love the square cards, and the matte finish. You can get a different image on each card, which is great for artists of all kinds; the one on the bottom is the other side which is the same on all cards.

If you want to check it out, this is my affiliate link:

Artwork, Online class

New Quirky Faces

Here are a few new faces. If you would like to learn how to create your own, check out my Quirky Faces in Procreate online class on Skillshare.


This is another version of Audrey done with some watercolour textures.

Quirky face digital portrait




The textures in this one, including the background, were done with watercolour brushes for Procreate by Brenda Bakker. If you’re on Skillshare, I recommend her classes.

Artwork, Online class

Quirky Faces – Dogs and Cats

Before I get to the dogs and cats, I want to thank my friend Ronit for the help with giving names to my creations. Here are the first faces I created, with their names. These are all done with techniques from my Quirky Faces Skillshare class.

Quirky Faces

Now, after creating all these faces, and a bunch more, I thought I would try creating dog and cat faces. Here are my first results.


Quirky dog face - Lucy

This is another painting of Lucy, done in the batik style taught by Jennifer Nichols on Skillshare.

Quirky dog face - Lucy


Quirky dog face - Winston


Quirky Faces - Sadie


Quirky Faces - Oscar