Fabric Collage in Procreate

I’m still playing with the WhipStitch Craft Kit for Procreate by Abbie Nurse (Uproot Brushes). You can see the kit here (affiliate link).

This is a gnome inspired by Jennifer Nichols’ Gnomes class on Skillshare.

Gnome digital fabric collage

The next two are based on my Quirky Portraits, Molly the cat, and Oliver the owl.

Molly cat fabric collage
Oliver owl fabric collage

In this one, I used more of Abbie’s brushes, including screws and frayed edges.

Bird fabric collage

And this is a mandala fabric collage using Abbie’s felt textures, buttons, and trim.

Mandala fabric collage

Real and Faux Alcohol Ink

Recently, I discovered a wonderful set of Procreate brushes by Alaina Jensen that reproduce the look of alcohol inks digitally.

The background in this piece is a scan of real alcohol ink, to which I added some digital alcohol ink with Alaina’s brushes.

Painting uses a combination of real and digital alcohol ink.

This one was done entirely in Procreate. I put the alcohol ink on a black background, which is not really possible in real life because of the transparency of the inks.

Digital alcohol ink painting

In this one, I started with a cut-out version of one of my mandalas, and used one of Alaina’s brushes in several colours for the background.

Mandala with digital texture background.

This final one is another hybrid painting. I started with a texture I created with real alcohol ink, then I added some extra texture with Alaina’s brushes in green and gold. Then I added the black octopus silhouette, and use another one of Alaina’s brushes in red and orange for texture.

Alcohol ink octopus digital painting