New Mandalas in iOrnament

I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on the beta version of the upcoming update of iOrnament Pro (thank you J├╝rgen Richter-Gebert!). There are lots of new brushes to create metallic textures, dots, glitter, and more. If you are interested in learning to draw mandalas in iOrnament and Procreate, check out this class: Mandalas in iOrnament and Procreate.

Here are my latest mandalas.

iOrnament mandala
iOrnament mandala
iOrnament mandala

This one is an example of the animated glitter feature. (If you’re reading this in an email, you may have to click through to the blog post to see the video below.)


Artistic Variety

Today, I’m catching up on some miscellaneous artwork I haven’s posted yet. This first one is a Zentangle┬« pattern I drew in iOrnament, and then gave it the 3D treatment in Procreate.

3D Zentangle pattern, done in iOrnament and Procreate on iPad.

This digital painting started with a photo of a chameleon, with a background scanned from actual paint.

Chameleon digital painting, with a background scanned from actual paint.

A fun geometric painting done in Graphic and Procreate apps.

A fun geometric painting done in Graphic and Procreate apps on iPad.

This is an experiment in reproducing the look of traditional Folk Art painting using brushes from Abbie Nurse and symmetry drawing in Procreate.

An experiment in reproducing the look of traditional Folk Art in Procreate on iPad.

I was playing with a fractal app, and superimposed an image with a photo of an owl.

Owl photo superimposed on  a fractal design.

Mandalas Catch-up

Still catching up on posting my digital mandalas. The mandalas were created in iOrnament; colour and backgrounds were added in Procreate.

If you want to learn how to create mandalas like these, check out my mandalas online class.

This one was a lot of fun to do. It’s done entirely in Procreate and was a fun experiment using colours I don’t use often.

Digital mandala created in iOrnament, with colour and background added in Procreate on iPad.

This one is very different from my usual style. It was inspired by the art of Robin Mead.

Digital mandala created in Procreate on iPad.

This one was also created completely in Procreate.

Digital mandala created in Procreate on iPad.

Going back to one of my favourite colour palettes, and playing with different techniques for 3-D illusions.


Recent artwork

I’m really behind posting my artwork. I have a new schedule for blog posts, and I’ll be posting regularly, alternating artwork posts and tutorial posts.

Here are some recent digital mandalas. The first two are mandalas created in iOrnament, with backgrounds done in Procreate. You can learn to create mandalas like these in my Mandalas class on Skillshare.

Digital mandala
Digital mandala

These three were created entirely in Procreate. I’m trying to replicate a look similar to decorative strokework.

Digital mandala
Digital mandala
Digital mandala

Inktober mandalas part 5

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Here is my artwork for October 25-31. All were created on my iPad Pro with apps Procreate, iOrnament, iColorama, Metabrush, Becasso, and Flamelet.

Day 25 – Letters/Typography

Inktober day 25

Day 26 – Hearts

Inktober day 26

Day 27 – Complementary colours

Inktober day 27

Day 28 – Nature themes

Inktober day 28

Day 29 – Kitchen utensils

Inktober day 29

Day 30 – Food – drawn

Inktober day 30

Day 31 – Inspired by Music

Inktober day 31