2015 Creativity Challenge wrapup

Now that the year has wrapped up, here is a slide show of the artwork I created in 2015.

If you can’t see the embedded slide show, click here to see it on Flickr. Enjoy!

artwork stencils

2015 Creativity Challenge – week 2

This is week two of Kelly Barone 2015 Challenge. Starting today, I will endeavour to post every Wednesday. Here are my pieces for week 2.

These two pieces started out as Gelli prints, with added stamping and stencilling, and use my Silhouette masks. In the first, I traced around one of the Yoga masks to cut a silhouette from sheet music. In the second, I used one of the Sisters masks when doing the Gelli printing. In both cases, I added some shading around each piece with a black coloured pencil.

Mixed media piece with silhouette

Mixed media piece with silhouette

After many years, I decided to get rid of my Cricut and buy a Silhouette so that I can cut my own designs. Sadly, there seems to be something wrong with the power supply, so I won’t be doing any cutting just yet. Bummer.

My new silhouette

Before discarding the Cricut, I cut a bunch of snowflakes (or mandalas) sized especially for the round Gelli plate.

Die-cut shapes

I love making my own stamps, as I talked about in this blog post from last year. These are all made with fun foam, some with textured fun foam. The possibilities are endless!

A few fun foam stamps

Finally, a bit of digital art. I have been experimenting with combining Gelli prints digitally in Photoshop Elements. These four pieces were made by superimposing the same four Gelli prints with varying blending modes and transparency.

Digital combo 1

artwork tutorial

Homemade Stamps

I love the idea of making my own stamps or stencils. Lately, I have been making stamps from inexpensive materials. I found these rubber erasers at the dollar store:


I used carving tools to make these cool stamps:

carving stamps from erasers

Click here to see  a video by Cherryl Moote showing how to carve stamps.
I also recommend Cherryl’s eBook Tangled Garden Whimsies.

In addition to erasers, I also make stamps using fun foam. It’s very inexpensive, and you can find it at dollar stores or craft supply stores, usually in the kids section. You can get sticky-back pre-cut shapes, and also full sheets that you can cut yourself.

Here are a few stamps I made with pre-cut flower shapes and circles and ovals:

stamps with fun foam

For the backing, I use inexpensive wood shapes from Stockade.

For these two, I used the same leaf shape. On the one on the right, I incised some lines with a ballpoint pen.

Below on the left, I cut a wonky circle from fun foam, and then incised a spiral. In the centre, I used the eraser on a pencil, and on the right, a pencil grip from the dollar store.

Below I used an eraser with a flower-like cross section, and on the right, I cut some strips of fun foam and stuck them on a larger piece of thicker foam.

Finally, I glued some toothpicks to a piece of wood for this one. You can do the same with rubber bands, pieces of string or cord, buttons, etc.

For more great ideas for making your own stamps, I recommend the books Print & Stamp Lab by Traci Bunkers and Carve Stamp Play by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.