2015 Creativity Challenge – week 4

This is week four of Kelly Barone 2015 Challenge.
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I used the shapes of my silhouette masks to cut shapes from various papers to use as collage elements in the future.

silhouette cutouts

I recently discovered a very cool font with which you can create Celtic Knots. Each letter represents one component of the image. By stringing together the letters, you can make a large variety of knots. Here are a couple of examples.

Celtic font example

Continuing my experiments with the Celtic Knot font, I took one image into Photoshop Elements and had some fun experimenting with a variety of special effects.

Celtic knots with visual effects

I have found that hot-chocolate cans are perfect for storing pens, markers, paint brushes, tools… just about everything on my work table and in my shelves. But of course, they have to have appropriate decoration.

For this first one, I removed the label and used it as a template to cut a Gelli print to size, backed it with some Scor-tape, and glued it to the can.

Decorated can for studio storage

For this one, I simply removed the label and painted the cardboard with some acrylic paint. I’m going to make a bunch more of these!

Decorated can for studio storage

I made another discovery recently, a Macintosh app called Wordify. You can give it any image, along with a list of words, and it will fill the image (or the negative space) with the words. Here I used my Sisters silhouettes.

Silhouettes with Wordify

In this one, I used the Yoga silhouettes, and a list of yoga-related words.

Silhouettes with Wordify

This is another project from Camerida. Brenda Shaver showed us now you can use a 3.5″ Zentangle tile as a frame for a Bijou tile.

Layered tiles

The last item for this week is a Zendala. I started with a white die-cut snowflake I cut with my Cricut. I glued it to a 12×12-inch sheet of blue card stock, and tangled the snowflake.

Tangled snowflake