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2015 Creativity Challenge – week 3

This is week three of Kelly Barone 2015 Challenge.
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This is a page from my sketchbook, where I was experimenting with the tangle pattern Cadent, with some variations including a circular one.

From my sketchbook

I am a big fan of Dover Publications and I have a lot of their clip-art books. These two are colouring pages coloured with Prismacolour pencils.

Colored pencil flowers

Colored pencil flowers

These are two pins that can be worn together. The consist of wood pieces covered with Japanese paper and a Swarovski flatback crystal.

Wood pins with Japanese paper

I am experimenting with using grid-based tangle patterns in a circular grid. To get the circular grid, I use my Mandala Stencils. The first one is the pattern Cubine, and the second one is Bales.

Circular Cubine

Circular Bales

This past weekend, I attend Camerida, an event for Zentangle teachers. Calligrapher and book artist Cherryl Moote showed us how to make a booklet with no glue and no sewing. Pretty cool.

Small handmade booklet

artwork mandalas stencils

2015 Creativity Challenge – week 1

Last week, I read a blog post by Kelly Barone, where she issued a challenge to do something creative every day this year. I have a bad track record when it comes to following challenges for a long time, but I decided that this was the perfect opportunity for me to start doing more art, rather than just reading about it and watching YouTube videos.

I’m going to do a show & tell blog post once a week to show what I’m up to.
Here are my pieces for week 1.

I always enjoy drawing mandalas, and it occurred to me that it had been a while since I created a mandala template, so I made that my first piece.

Zendala template number 9

A more recent art form in my repertoire is celtic knots. This is from my sketchbook, where I tried different ways to shade the same image, using the three different greys available in Prismacolor coloured pencils.

Celtic knots with Prismacolor greys

This is an experiment. I started with a page of sheet music that I covered with red acrylic paint. The flowers are cut from a Gelli print and glued on the sheet. I then added some line work, shading, and stamping for decoration.

Mixed media flowers

For the second year, I enrolled in Nathalie Kalbach’s Creative Jump Start. It’s an online class that consists of video lessons by 23 mixed media artists, released throughout the month of January.

In one of this week’s lessons, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer showed how to create a stencil using your own face. Now I don’t think this looks much like me, but I like it!

First attempt at cutting a face stencil

This is the cover of one of my sketchbooks. It started out as a Gelli print, but this week I decided to turn it up a notch by adding a little stencilling and stamping. I haven’t decided whether it’s finished or not.

Sketchbook cover

The next two pieces were unfinished mandalas in my sketchbook, now finished!


Another mandala from my sketchbook

Finally, today’s piece is a hummingbird in pen & ink and coloured pencil on coloured card stock, based on a template by Ben Kwok.


artwork mandalas zendalas

New mandala

Here is a new mandala I created yesterday. It’s based on a template by Ben Kwok; the templates are available to members of Ben’s Facebook group Ornation Creation.

Mandala in pen & ink and colored pencil

artwork products

New merchandise based on my artwork

Available now on RedBubble, a collection of merchandise based on my artwork. In addition, some of the items are designed for you to customize.

Click here to go to my RedBubble store.

Part 1. Customizable tote bags.

These tote bags have a line drawing that you can customize with drawing, tangling, or colouring. The bags come in three sizes.


All bags are printed on both sides. For the customizable bags, it means that you have two surfaces to customize. Here is one of mine:

customized bag

Part 2. Bags with my artwork.

The images below are some of my artwork that is available on tote bags, throw pillows, prints, cards, and cases for smart phones and iPads .


Click here to go to my RedBubble store.

artwork mandalas zendalas

New zendala and animal drawings

Last week, I finished a few drawings I had been working on. First, a Zendala coloured with coloured pencil:


Also, two ink and coloured pencil drawings, a tiger and a fox, based on templates by Ben Kwok. Ben’s templates are available to members of his Facebook group Ornation Creation.



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Weekly Zentangle Roundup #175

Zentangle word cloud

Tangle Organizers

Articles, Videos, Tutorials

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Playing with Shape Tape and Watercolor Techniques by Sandra Strait
Review of the Banditapple Carnet Pocket Book Size by Sandra Strait
Tackle it Tuesday “M” Tangles results compiled by Cheryl Rotnem
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TanglePatterns String 106 by Kim English via Linda Farmer
Tangle Refresher 78 by Linda Farmer
Weekly Challenge #169 “String Theory: Circles” by Laura Harms
Why I like Daler-Rowney Graduate Metallic Acrylic paints by Sandra Strait
Zentangle Newsletter May 22nd, 2014

Tangles and Patterns

Cubz by K.N. Malathi
Fayor and Nema by Olga
Flaminga by Dorothy Allison
How to draw tanglepattern Flower Vine by Ellen Wolters
How to draw tanglepattern Juke by Ellen Wolters
How to draw tanglepattern Locar by Ellen Wolters
Telif and Quedya by Olga
Tips for Tangling Knightsbridge by Adele Bruno
Turn by Mei Hua Teng
Whirl video by Helen Williams

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Memories of Tangle University 2014

Last month, I attended Tangle University 2014, a learning event for Zentangle teachers, in Portland, Maine, organized by Elaine Huffman. One of the coolest things about attending was that I got to meet in person, people I have known online for several years. Here are just a few.

This is my roommate Lynn Noga (centre) with Karen Izzi (right) and Karen’s wife Phyllis (left):

Here I am with some of the other teachers, on our way out to dinner the evening before the beginning of the event:

And here is a view of the whole classroom:

Several weeks ago, Sandy Bartholomew came up with the brilliant idea of having trading cards that we could exchange. Sandy created the template for the cards so that all we had to do was add our photo and information. Here is mine:

my trading card

And here are the ones I collected (click to enlarge):

trading cards

Here are some of my class projects.

Sandy Bartholomew introduced us to a cool technique on black paper:

Molly Hollibaugh taught us a cool teaching technique; here is the tile I created in the class,:

and a mosaic of the tiles from the whole class (click to enlarge):

Cris Letourneau taught a great shading class based on her Made in the Shade workbook:

And Marie Browning taught us a fun coloured pencil technique:

Finally, Leslie Crumpler and Julia Reed from Sakura (and my classmates from CZT class #4) talked about the 30th anniversary of Gelly Roll™ pens, and brought us a goody bag of Sakura pens, along with a booklet in which to try them all out:

Before class, we were asked to do a 9-tile ensemble set. Barbara Gill then collected all the sets and did a swap so that each one of us received a set with our own centre tile and eight tiles from different participants. Below you can see the set I created on the left, and the set I received on the right (click to enlarge):

During the event, we were all ask to contribute a section to a group tangle, which was then raffled off  (click to enlarge):

There was also a banquet, silent auction, vendors, and more. A good time was had by all! The next Tangle U will be held in 2015 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Recent work with Joggles Stencils

In this drawing, I traced an image from a Joggles stencil with a Micron pen, and added some tangling and some colour with a blue coloured pencil.

ZIA with Joggles stencil

I really like this design, so I added it to this canvas bag, using a Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric.

ferret briefcase with ZIA

artwork classes mandalas

Drawing Mandalas Live Class

For those of you in or around St. Thomas, Ontario, I am offering a live version of my Drawing Mandalas class at STEPAC. Here are the details:

Drawing Mandalas class

artwork mandalas zendalas

New mandalas

Two new mandalas/Zendalas. The first is done in ink and coloured pencil on a 12×12 sheet of card stock. The second is done in ink and graphite on white card stock.