2015 Creativity Challenge wrapup

Now that the year has wrapped up, here is a slide show of the artwork I created in 2015.

If you can’t see the embedded slide show, click here to see it on Flickr. Enjoy!


2015 Creativity Challenge – week 44

This is week 44 of Kelly Barone 2015 Challenge.
You can click the images below for a larger view.

Some new digital collages, including a combination of digitally-painted layers, and scans of drawing and hand-painted papers.

Digital art with mandala and stitchingOwl digital collage

Digital collage with celtic knot

Now some colouring. This is a mandala from my book, Geneviève’s Mandalas (click here for info) coloured with Prismacolor Verithin pencils. Mandala in coloured pencil

And this is a digitally coloured page from the book Color Your Life’s Journey by Sasha Scully.

Digitally coloured page

This is one of the activities in the Tangle It! Journal, using the pattern Kakti by Simona Cordara.

Playing with the pattern Kakti

Finally, this is my first Art Abandonment, free art left in a public place for someone to find. (Click here for info on Art Abandonment.)

Art abandonment

If you want to see all the artwork I have done
since the beginning of the year,
I have posted all the pieces in this Flickr album.


2015 Creativity Challenge – week 37

This is week 37 of Kelly Barone 2015 Challenge.
You can click the images below for a larger view.

Some new digital collages featuring my hand-drawn mandalas.

Digital collage with MandalaDigital collage with Mandala

And some new digital backgrounds.

New digital backgrounds

I wrote a blog post showing my colouring process that combines a colouring page from Dover Publications, digital painting, and real-life coloured pencil drawing.

colouring page part 4

I created a new celtic knot template.

Celtic knot template 7

And finally, a little tease for a project I’m working on.

What I'm working on

If you want to see all the artwork I have done
since the beginning of the year,
I have posted all the pieces in this Flickr album.

artwork tutorial

Decorating Celtic Knots part 2 of 2

If you missed part 1, you can find it here.

In this post, I will talk about using coloured pencils, both on white paper and on coloured paper. All these samples were drawn on card stock.

First, I will be referring to the different strands in this knot. This particular design has three separate strands that go over and under each other. I will refer to the red strand as the left strand, the blue as the right strand, and the yellow as the middle strand.

Celtic knot strands

For the samples below, you can click the images to get a larger view if you want to examine the work more closely.

This first example is very simple. I used three shades of turquoise to colour the three strands.

Celtic Knot coloured pencil

This one probably looks a lot like one of the examples in part 1 that I shaded in graphite. This was shaded with three shades of Prismacolor cool greys. I love all the shades of grey in the Prismacolor line.

Some tips for smooth shading. Be patient; coloured pencil shading is not an instant gratification technique. Start with minimal pressure with your lightest colour, then layer the darker colours.

Celtic Knot coloured pencil

In this one, I coloured the middle strand with orange. The other two strands are shaded with three shades of Prismacolor warm greys.

Celtic Knot coloured pencil

I used my favourite Prismacolor greys in this one, the French greys which are tinged with brown.

Celtic Knot coloured pencil

Here I used those three shades of turquoise again, this time for shading.

Celtic Knot coloured pencil

I did some similar shading here with the reds, but I inked the holes with black which gives a different look.

Celtic Knot coloured pencil

This one is on green card stock, using three shades of green pencils. The middle strand is coloured with flat colour with the darkest green, and the other two strands are shaded to look like tubes.

Celtic Knot coloured pencil

In the rest of the examples, I used a technique called impressed line. With a small ball stylus, I impress grooves into the paper in a design, before colouring. Then I colour the impressed area, and the pattern appears because the colour doesn’t reach into the grooves. If you don’t have a stylus, you can use a ballpoint pen that’s out of ink.

Here I impresses simple lines and circles following the strands, then I coloured with two shades of green.

Celtic Knot coloured pencil

In this one, I did the tube-like shading in the right and left strands. In the middle strand, I impressed random lines before colouring.

Celtic Knot coloured pencil

This is a similar one on purple card stock, with random impressed lines, and colouring with dark purple and white.

Celtic Knot coloured pencil

This one on red card stock has some diagonal lines with dark red colour on the left and right strands, and parallel lines and yellow colour in the middle.

Celtic Knot coloured pencil

And this one has impressed lines on yellow card stock, and was then coloured with red, which makes the impressed lines pop nicely.

Celtic Knot coloured pencil

Finally, I created a worksheet that you can print our on white or coloured paper paper. Click the thumbnail below to download the PDF. Have fun!

Celtic knot template 5 - shading worksheet

artwork tutorial

Decorating Celtic Knots part 1 of 2

Celtic knots are a lot of fun to decorate in grayscale or colour.

In these first three examples, I used repeating patterns in pen & ink.

celtic knot

celtic knot

celtic knot

Other than pen & ink, you can use graphite for shading.

Here, I divided the strands in half, and shaded one side.

celtic knot

In this one, I shaded to enhance the illusion of overlap of the strands by having darker shading where one strand goes under another.

celtic knot

And in this one, by shading darker on the edges and lighter in the middle, I can give the illusion that the strands are dimensional tubes.

celtic knot

In part 2 next Monday, I will show you some ideas using colour.


2015 Creativity Challenge – week 4

This is week four of Kelly Barone 2015 Challenge.
You can click the images for a larger view.

I used the shapes of my silhouette masks to cut shapes from various papers to use as collage elements in the future.

silhouette cutouts

I recently discovered a very cool font with which you can create Celtic Knots. Each letter represents one component of the image. By stringing together the letters, you can make a large variety of knots. Here are a couple of examples.

Celtic font example

Continuing my experiments with the Celtic Knot font, I took one image into Photoshop Elements and had some fun experimenting with a variety of special effects.

Celtic knots with visual effects

I have found that hot-chocolate cans are perfect for storing pens, markers, paint brushes, tools… just about everything on my work table and in my shelves. But of course, they have to have appropriate decoration.

For this first one, I removed the label and used it as a template to cut a Gelli print to size, backed it with some Scor-tape, and glued it to the can.

Decorated can for studio storage

For this one, I simply removed the label and painted the cardboard with some acrylic paint. I’m going to make a bunch more of these!

Decorated can for studio storage

I made another discovery recently, a Macintosh app called Wordify. You can give it any image, along with a list of words, and it will fill the image (or the negative space) with the words. Here I used my Sisters silhouettes.

Silhouettes with Wordify

In this one, I used the Yoga silhouettes, and a list of yoga-related words.

Silhouettes with Wordify

This is another project from Camerida. Brenda Shaver showed us now you can use a 3.5″ Zentangle tile as a frame for a Bijou tile.

Layered tiles

The last item for this week is a Zendala. I started with a white die-cut snowflake I cut with my Cricut. I glued it to a 12×12-inch sheet of blue card stock, and tangled the snowflake.

Tangled snowflake


From my sketchbook: Celtic Knots

I have always been fascinated by Celtic knot designs. A few years ago I took a class, but didn’t pursue it at the time. Recently, I discovered David Nicholls’ YouTube series on drawing Celtic knots, and I’ve been drawing ever since.

These first three drawings are the ones I did while watching the videos.

celtic drawing 01

With this one, I used colour to highlight the different strands.

celtic drawing 02

In this next one, I started doing some colour shading.

celtic drawing 03

This is my first full-page drawing in my sketchbook, again using colour to show the different strands.

celtic drawing 04

With this one, I tried the graphite shading that David Nicholls showed in his samples.

celtic drawing 05

This next one is especially cool. I actually used my Mandala Stencils to lay out the circular grid. Then I shaded using the Prismacolor Cool Grays. I see a lot of possibilities to integrate designs like this with my mandalas.

celtic drawing 06


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Freestyle Celtic Knot challenge

In my last Weekly Roundup, I posted a link to a Freestyle Celtic Knot challenge from Judy West. Her post includes a link to this video:

I  just had to try out this very cool technique. I drew the image on coloured card stock, and then added shading and highlighting with coloured pencil.

freeform celtic knot