Some digital art and a little bead embroidery

This is a digital painting of an owl, based on a photo from Pixabay, and done using Metabrush and iColorama apps.

Owl painting

This is a stylized flower layered digitally with one of the backgrounds I made using metallic paint.

Digital flower painting

On a different note, this is a new beaded pin I made as an entry in a contest. I didn’t win, but I now have a groovy new pin to wear!

NBB contest


Jewelry and Beadwork

A little change of pace today. First, I painted some paper with metallic paints and made these two bracelets. The bracelets are from Beadaholique, and it’s simple to cut the squares with a paper punch.


I am getting back into bead embroidery, and my friend Nicole Campanella (creator of Nicole’s Bead Backing) is having a contest. I bought some of her cabochons, and I will be making a bead embroidery piece to enter the contest. You can find the info on Nicole’s cabs and the contest on her website,


I also bought these great eyes from Nixcreations on Etsy. I will incorporate some of these in my piece.



New Bead Embroidery Online Class

Today marks the launch of my newest online class, Bead Embroidered Heart Pin, on CraftArtEdu. The class is offered at a discount until Sunday, August 16th.

Click here for all the launch information.

bead Embroidered Heart Pin


Creative Mojo

Last month, I was a guest on the Internet radio show Creative Mojo with Mark Lipinski, to talk about my book, How to Make 100 Bead Embroidery Motifs.

You can listen to a replay of the show by going to the Creative Mojo website and looking under “Recent Shows” for the April 2nd show.

Creative Mojo