Digital paintings

This week I have been creating some new digital paintings. This first one was done in iColorama and Metabrush.


This is the first in a series of abstracts based on tangle patterns. This one is based on a pattern called Membranart by Tomás Padrós.


This one is based on the Echo Lines techniques by Eni Oken, using one of my metallic textures.


And this is another piece in Tricia Dewey’s Framed Botanicals class. I found this photo on Pixabay of a hand holding a photo frame, and I thought it would work for a class painting.

Framed Botanicals

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2 Responses to Digital paintings

  1. ronit says:

    Love the new creations, especially the first in the tangles series – love the 3D and the metallic leather feel!!! and the hand holding the picture is awesome!!!

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