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Weekly Roundup #343

The Future of the Weekly Roundup

Dear friends… When I started the Weekly Roundup in December 2010, shortly after I became a Certified Zentangle® Teacher, I had no idea that it would continue for this many years. I appreciate all my faithful readers, and also all the wonderful artists’ contributions.

Sadly though, the readership of the Roundup has diminished considerably over the last few years, which tells me that a lot fewer people are finding it useful.

Also, during this time, my interests have been changing. I am doing less tangling, more mixed-media art, and more digital art. I am also making a resolution to spend more time making art, and less time looking at artwork or watching how-to YouTube videos. I will also be revamping my website.

So… Weekly Roundup #345 (in two weeks) will be the last one. I will be announcing an updated eBook of pattern links and videos, which will also include links to websites and Facebook groups for you to check to stay up to date on everything to do with tangling.


Connections and Collaborations 11.1.2017 by Ann Grasso
It’s a String Thing #217 Tiles compiled by Adele Bruno
It’s a String Thing #218 by Adele Bruno
Joey’s weekly tangle challenge #189
Pattern Collections String #55
Weekly Challenge #339: “Hallow/autumn” by Laura Harms


Elatorium: Daily New Challenges
Fun & Easy Landscapes Weekly Challenge: Leaf Trees
Monotangle Adventures Challenges
Pattern Collections Daily Pattern Focus
Shading Zentangle Challenge #102: Membranart
Square One™: Purely Zentangle® Weekly Focus: Membranart
Zentangle All Around: Tangle It! Journal Study and other challenges
Zentangle Tangled & Journaled, Too! Little Zen Menu


Digital Papers

New Digital Papers Sets 7-12 by Geneviève Crabe

2018 Calendar featuring Margaret Bremner by Carole Ohl
Fractalized Tangles by Eni Oken
Hahnemühle Leonardo Watercolor Block Review and Giveaway by Sandra Strait
Support the TanglePatterns website


TranZending by Melinda Barlow


New Zentangle website


Pattern Collections – New Videos This Week

Bloomin’ Vace by Cindy Aldridge
Deepy by Smita Toke
Ghostie, Octoid & Headless by Sandra Strait
Kvet2 by Jana Pechrová
Leaf Tree by Sandra Strait
Meshmerize by Tomàs Padrós
Mobius by Neil Burley
Momo by Veena Arun
Wooooooo! by Joan Stark

22 replies on “Weekly Roundup #343”

Whoah. This is NEWS indeed. I am excited for you, Geneviève, and wish you all the best in your new endeavors. We all need space to evolve, and you are making the right choice for you and your art. I have found the weekly announcements of your Roundups to be very comforting and inspiring, though I admit that I only allow myself to read them thoroughly on occasion, as I know they will lead me down creative paths that I don’t currently have the time to explore. My current state of busy-ness does not allow me to dive too deep into tangledom. I always assumed that everyone else was doing a better job of squeezing it into their lives than I. 😉
PLEASE tell me that the archives will continue to exist! I’d love to be able to refer back to them when my schedule shifts and I am able to focus on art again.
I send love and best wishes from Tennessee! Please come visit me if you get a chance!

Dear Amy, thank you for all the kind words. I will be leaving the archives available, and in two weeks the final eBook will be available with all the pattern and video links.

So sad the weekly roundup will finish soon. I’ll be missing it very much.
But I understand your point of view and I wish you all the best on your new creative path.
I will check on your blog to see what you are doing next in mixed media en digital art .
Sincere greetings from Belgium.

Sorry to hear this. Your services will be greatly missed. You and I should not lose track of each other. I am curious about what you are going to do next with your art ❤️

Hi Genevieve,
So sad to see the weekly round up going. I looked forward to it every week. However I totally understand your reasons and look forward to seeing more of your inspirational art work.

Like everyone else I will be very sorry to see Weekly Round Up go, but totally understand your reasons. Will look forward to following your path with new projects and creations!

Thank you Genevieve for the weekly information. It will be missed, but I understand your wanting to move on to more creative pursuits. There isn’t enough time to do all we wish to accomplish, so I applaud your decision. When you started, there wasn’t much information about new tangles; so your weekly blog post was a welcome event to the hundreds of CZT’s. Now that there are thousands, information is more easily found as it is as abundant as CZT blogs on the subject. Thank you again for your many years of hard work on the Weekly Roundup.

Thank you for all of your work! You have been a blessing to the Zentangle community. Artistic growth is so important. I look forward to following your new ventures.

I’ll be sorry to see this go, but I certainly understand how time consuming this must have been for you! Thanks for doing this for such a long time! Good luck with all of you new adventures, at which I am sure you will be successful at. Thanks again, Genevieve!

You will be missed!
Your information was how I stayed informed about the tangle community.

All the best in your next venture.

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