Creating art with my Digital Papers part 4

The images below are digital paintings created using digital papers from my Sets 9 and 12.

If you are creating artwork with my digital papers, and you would like me to include it in a blog post, you can contact me on this page. If you are on Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, please tag your work with the #digitalpapersbygenevieve hashtag.

You can see all my digital papers by clicking here.
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The papers from Set 9 are designed especially for tangling, with textured backgrounds and shapes with colours from the background. Here is an example on which I drew some simple mandalas.


This is a mandala I created in iOrnament, layered in Procreate on a background from Set 12.


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4 Responses to Creating art with my Digital Papers part 4

  1. ronit says:

    very cool! I love the “wrinkled painted silk” texture and raised look of the second mandala creation!!!

  2. Sandy Hunter says:

    YUM. That blue-green one looks quilted! gorgeous.

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