2015 Creativity Challenge – week 49

This is week 49 of Kelly Barone 2015 Challenge.
You can click the images below for a larger view.

I coloured a page from my new colouring book.

Dogs mosaic finished

This week, I finished up a few digital collages in Procreate. This first one is a vintage image layered with a Gelli® print and a photo from the Hubble telescope.

Digital collageIn this one, a vintage image is layered with a Gelli® print, and a tree-bark texture.

Digital collageAnd this one featured an image from the book Art Forms in Nature that looks like a mandala.

Digital mandala collage
These are some mandalas I created in an app called iOrnament, to be used in future digital collages.

Digital mandalas

Finally, I took a break from digital art to create a few Gelli® prints.

A few new Gelli® prints

If you want to see all the artwork I have done
since the beginning of the year,
I have posted all the pieces in this Flickr album.

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Thanks! I’ll see what I can do to make an all-over shirt with the doggies. 🙂

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