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Review: Tangle It! Journal

My online friends Simona Cordara, Alice Hendon, and Ina Sonnenmoser recently published a book called Tangle It! Journal*.

Tangle It! cover

The size of the book is 5.5×8.5″ which makes it nicely portable for tangling on the go.

The book consists of a collection of fun, imaginative, bite-sized activities, challenges, drawing ideas, and more. The book includes space for drawing and tangling, so it’s easy to get started with just a pen and a pencil. Anyone can use this book, no experience necessary. It’s not necessary to do the activities in order, so you can open the book at any page and get started.

I used a Micron pen, a graphite pencil, and coloured pencils, and all worked well on the paper.

Here is a sample activity. The owl on the left is already tangled, ready for you to colour. The one on the right is just a line drawing for you to tangle.


The book also includes 20 new patterns. This drawing is part of a two-page spread. The page on the left (not shown) contains the step-outs for the pattern Ringz, and the page below is my drawing using this pattern.


Below is the tangle Heart Wrap, with my drawing at the bottom.

Heart Wrap

This book is a delightful collection of fun and interesting activities, for both beginner and experience tanglers. You can order it on amazon and other online book sellers.
Click here for
Click here for

*Disclosure: I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for a review.

6 replies on “Review: Tangle It! Journal”

Thanks for the review, Genevieve ❤️ I am so glad you are enjoying our book. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to review it! Your owl looks great. And your heart wrap!

You’re welcome Alice. It’s an awesome book, and perfect for playing when I have some free time. 🙂

Wow this is the book that I want. Unfortunately I’m from South Africa and to order it through Amazon is a bit to expensive for me. I checked all the books on Amazon and wow you people are very lucky.. I wish I have the funds to order a lot for me and my friends in South Africa. Kind regards


Hello Hannelie… I have a friend, Marizaan Van Beek, who is a Certified Zentangle Teacher in Pretoria. You can find her contact information on the CZT page on the Zentangle website, under ZA. She might be in a position to order a quantity of the books.

I recently joined this group. The Tangle It Journal sounds
like something that would help me with learning how
to draw my own zentangles. I enjoy seeing what others
are doing. What does it cost? I would love to start my own

Hi Kathleen… The book is available on amazon, and other book sellers for US$12.95. I have amazon links in the post above.

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