Digital Colouring

This page was coloured entirely in Procreate on my iPad.

It started with a free sample colouring page from Dover Publications.

colouring step 1

I chose this colour palette from Design Seeds,

colour palette

and added solid colour fills.

colouring step 2

I added a texture layer underneath the drawing, a close-up photo of the wooden wall of our sun room, and blended the two layers.

colouring step 3

And finally, I added a small highlight to each of the circles to give added dimension.

colouring step 4

If you enjoyed this, you can see more of my digital artwork in this Flickr album.

If you want to explore colour schemes, I have a large collection on Pinterest.

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Dang! That’s GREAT to see the steps and eplanation!!! How about a video of the process!?!?!!! Great art. Thanks for sharing.

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