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Weekly Zentangle Roundup #170

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Tangle Organizers

A week from today, I will be having a wonderful time
at Tangle University so there will be no roundup.
See you on May 2nd!

Articles, Videos, Tutorials

Dr. Ion Super Mega Case Review by Grace Mendez
eggZactly from Zentangle blog
Giveaway and Review of the Clairefontaine Maritime Collection Travel Album Logbook by Sandra Strait
How to Decorate Plastic Easter Eggs with Tangle Patterns by Angie Vangalis
It’s a String Thing #35 Tiles by Adele Bruno
It’s a String Thing #36 by Adele Bruno
Review of the Copic Doodle Pack-Turquoise by Sandra Strait
Shading Makes the Difference by Alice Hendon
Stencil and doodle artwork by Lizzie Mayne
Tackle it Tuesday “G” Tangles Results compiled by Cheryl Rotnem
Tackle it Tuesday “H” Tangles by Cheryl Rotnem Strings Guide Volume 2 now available
TanglePatterns String 100 by Maria Thomas via Linda Farmer
Tangle Refresher 75 by Linda Farmer
Weekly Challenge #163 “New Official Tangle – Rixty” by Laura Harms
Zentangle Weekly Challenge #4 from madebyjoey

Tangles and Patterns

Bellamy by Lila Popcheff
Blink by Jennifer Hohensteiner
Cameo by Lila Popcheff
Conquering Cubine by Jean Theurkauf
Deelite by Lila Popcheff
Kelp by Nancy Domnauer
Fandango by Vicki Bassett
Lola by Sandy Hunter
Meydum by Cindy Angiel
Mirrky by Cindy Angiel
Puffies by Linda Rea
Sahara Lila Popcheff
Thebazilly by Lizzie Mayne

Antique Books

Here are some online resources you might not be aware of. Many old, pre-copyrignt books have been digitized and are available to view and/or download. There are lots of arts and crafts book that can be used for inspiration; here are a few to get you started. I will be collecting more links and you can find them on my Links page.

Alphabets Old and New (1898)
Geometrical Drawing and Design (1913)
Lettering and Ornament (1902)
Line and Form (1914)
Monograms & Ciphers (1906)
Nature and Ornament (1908)
Pattern Design (1903)
Styles of Design (1919)
The Anatomy of Pattern (1887)

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