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Weekly Roundup

Please note: I’ll be at a trade show next weekend, so there will be no roundup next Friday. Look for the next roundup on May 6th.


Agua by Christina Vandervlist (stART)
Archer by Chris Gerstner
Bel Fiore by LeeAnn (ledenzer)
Cartoosh by JayCadian
Ciantha by Jeannine Schoonaert
Clover Leaf by LeeAnn (ledenzer)
Curly Braces Too by Neil Burley
Dayzee by Neil Burley
Flamongi by gabkis
Fleurette by Geneviève Crabe
Japonicus by Opal (HyperMonkey)
LaBel2 by Jeanet
Leau by Christina Vandervlist (stART)
Octagonal by Neil Burley
Organza by Ruth Howell
Pinstwarp by Cindy Angiel (Paint Chip)
Pitpath by Jeannine Schoonaert
Plica by Jeannine Schoonaert
Screen by Margaret Bremner
Scrawlz by JayCadian
Sego Lily by LeeAnn (ledenzer)
Some Tangelations by Jeanet
Thiebaud Cakes by Amanda Miller
Trigon by Melissa Hughes (Lone Creature)
Twistle by Sandra Strait (Molossus)
Volcano by Sandra Strait (Molossus)
Wiltshire 1 by Liz T (hiitsjustme)
Wiltshire 2 by Liz T (hiitsjustme)
Wiltshire 3 by Liz T (hiitsjustme)
Yin-Yang Leaf by Suzanne McNeill
Zenplosion Fold by Daniele O’Brien

6 replies on “Weekly Roundup”

Thanks for sharing all these Genevieve, your hard work is greatly appreciated – you are a gem! Also, your pen and ink rose lessons have been fun and informative. Can’t wait to tackle my tangles with what I’ve learnt.

Oh, wow! Thank you so much for the mention, Genevieve, it’s a real honour. (PS – the surname is Vandervlist – but thank you so much for getting the a on the end of Christina – so many don’t seem to know it matters! *G*). I’m delighted to be included in your round up.

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