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Art Show Photos

Here are some photos from the ‘Twas the Art Before Christmas art show last weekend. The show was held in the Canada Southern Railway Station in St. Thomas, Ontario. The CASO station dates back to the days when St. Thomas was a major railway hub; it is undergoing some major renovations.

This table sat at the entrance. You can see a binder with all the artists’ bios, artists’ business cards and post cards. If you look closely at the back left, you can see my Zentangle class advertisement.

The next few photos show the large room where we held the show.

The room was large enough that we were able to have a small café area where we offered tea, coffee, hot cider, and cookies.

And here are Cliff and I next to some of our artwork.

The best news we got after the show ended was that Cliff had won the Patron’s Choice Award, voted on by all the show attendees.

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