A new twist on Zentangles

In the past week on the Zentangle blog, Rick and Maria have been posting some wonderful photos from the recent Zentangle Master Class. One of the projects the class worked on was a large-scale drawing on coloured paper. I was inspired by the use of the coloured paper, and the use of white for highlighting.

I created a smaller one of my own, on a 9×12″ sheet of blue Mi-Teintes paper.

Zentangle on Mi-Teintes paper

7 replies on “A new twist on Zentangles”

Genevieve, I love your Zentangles, and will be visiting your blogs regularly!I am just beginning to shade my “tangles”, but I see you are quite accomlished at this.It really adds depth doesn’t it?

Thanks Judy! I love working on the shading, and the white highlighting on coloured paper adds a whole new dimension.

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