Recent artwork

I’m really behind posting my artwork. I have a new schedule for blog posts, and I’ll be posting regularly, alternating artwork posts and tutorial posts.

Here are some recent digital mandalas. The first two are mandalas created in iOrnament, with backgrounds done in Procreate. You can learn to create mandalas like these in my Mandalas class on Skillshare.

Digital mandala
Digital mandala

These three were created entirely in Procreate. I’m trying to replicate a look similar to decorative strokework.

Digital mandala
Digital mandala
Digital mandala

4 thoughts on “Recent artwork

  1. Denise McNickle says:

    I really like the 3 mandalas that simulated decorative strokework. What brushes did you use for this technique? Are you planning a Skillshare class on this technique or were these projects for an existing class?

    Thank you.

    • Genevieve says:

      Hi Denise… Thank you so much! This is a technique I learned from someone else, so I can’t do a class myself. Here is a link to the brushes (by Abbie Nurse) that I used:

      Basically, I used the brushes with Procreate Symmetry, starting with a more solid one, then using a streaky one with lighter colours for highlighting.

      Hope this helps!

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