New abstract artwork

There is a website that looks at all your Instagram posts for the year and generates a chart of the most-used colours. Here is my chart for 2018.

2018 colours

Here are a few recent abstract paintings.

I used a new (to me) app called Isometric to create the geometric shapes in this painting, then layered it with some of my metallic textures.

Abstract digital art

This painting was created in Flowpaper, Artista Haiku, Procreate (blended with one of my alcohol ink textures), and Frame Builder.

Abstract digital art

This painting was made using a background I created in iColorama and Procreate, layering with some scans of alcohol ink splashes.

Abstract digital art

And this one was created from scratch in iColorama, with only the framing done in Procreate.

Abstract digital art

2 thoughts on “New abstract artwork

  1. Ronit says:

    You clearly need more yellow!!! 😉

    Love the new paintings, especially the pink splash and the women with babies 🙂

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