Magical Mosaics Dancers

coloring bookThis book is part of my series of colouring books called Magical Mosaics. This book contains 25 colouring pages, and each is a mosaic with hidden silhouettes of dancers.
Scroll down to see an example.



It is also available from many other online booksellers (but not Indigo).

If you would like to order my book in quantity for re-selling, please email me at for details.

Here is an example of one of the mosaics in the book.

This is the colouring page as it appears in the book.
Click the image to see the full size, and to download it for yourself.
The mosaic contains the silhouettes of two dancers.

coloring steps

Here, I have coloured the mosaic pieces that are inside the silhouettes.

coloring steps

Then, I use a different colour scheme for the background mosaic pieces.

coloring steps

If you have trouble finding the silhouettes in the mosaic, you will find a solution like this at the back of the book.

coloring steps