Folk Art in Procreate

I took a great Skillshare class by Jennifer Nichols on recreating the look of Scandinavian folk art. Here are a couple of my paintings.

In this first one, I added some faux stitching detail to the painting. You can see a detailed view below.

Scandinavian Folk Art digital painting
Stitching detail on digital painting

Here is a second painting. For the detail on this one, I tried to emulate the look of dimensional paint.

Scandinavian Folk Art digital painting

4 thoughts on “Folk Art in Procreate”

  1. That looks like so much FUN! I’d love to have time to do classes & learning all those great techniques you show us…However, I’m in the middle of urging, cleaning and moving out of my (Recently-passed) mother-in-laws house of 45 years! AND…she was a HOARDER! So I’ve got my hands full every day.

    Some day I’ll pick up where I left off with your art!

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

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