Downloading Procreate Brushes

You can download the brushes using your iPad web browser. I am showing how to download the brushes using Safari or Chrome, how to download the PDF document, and how to avoid an error if you’re in Facebook.


Tap the button to download the brush set.

In the pop-up panel, tap Download.

You will see the progress of the download on the upper right.

When the download is finished, tap the arrow.

Tap the name of the file you just downloaded.

The file will open in Procreate where the new brush set will appear at the top.


Tap the button do download the brush set.

A the bottom of the window, tap Download.

This is the progress of the download.

When it’s done, tap Open In.

In the panel that pops up, tap Copy to Procreate.

The new brush set will appear at the top of the brush menu.


If you click the link in a Facebook, it will take you to the web page.

Now you’re in Facebook’s built-in browser. DO NOT tap the download button. Instead, tap the three dots at the top right, and then tap Open in Safari. You can then follow the Safari instructions above.


For the PDF document, things are a little different. The document itself will open in the browser, and you can read it right there. If you want to download a copy, you can tap the share icon at the top.