Colorful Backgrounds 1

colorful backgroundsThis is the first in a series of books containing colorful backgrounds on which you can draw or tangle. The book is 6×9″, and there are 30 full-colour backgrounds, printed on one side, and printed to the edge of the paper.
Scroll down to see some examples.



It is also available from many other online booksellers (but not Indigo).

If you would like to order my book in quantity for re-selling, please email me at for details.

Here are thumbnails of all the backgrounds in the book. Click for a larger view.

colorful backgrounds

Here are some backgrounds on which I did some drawing. Bring out your art supplies and have fun! I look forward to seeing your work.

This first one shows different ways to shade a pattern. The line are is done with a Pigma Sensei pen. The first three columns in the pattern have no shading. The next three just have some lines made with a white Gelly Roll pen. The next three are shaded with graphite. Next, there are lines drawn in black pen, with a highlight done using a white Prismacolor pencil. The last three are simply highlighted with the white Prismacolor pencil.

sample artwork

In this one, I used the circles of the background and did some drawing with black pen, white gel pen, and coloured pencils.

sample artwork

And this is a simple drawing made with a black pen, and shaded with coloured pencil.

sample artwork

And here are two lovely examples from my friend Alice Hendon.
You can see a full review and more of Alice’s work here on her website.

sample artwork

sample artwork