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Genevieve's Mandala StencilsGeneviève's Mandala Stencils

This is a design tool containing three stencils to help you create your own mandalas or zendalas of any size up to 8x8 inches. The stencils are made of sturdy 0.007" mylar.

These are not mandala designs, but rather a tool with which you create your own. With these three stencils, you can create thousands of designs.

Class pack

If you wish to teach with the stencils, you can purchase a class pack which one basic kit described above, plus 15 smaller stencils.

You can choose to sell the smaller stencils, or just loan them out to drive sales of the full kit.

Mandala Stencils videos

Here are two videos showing you how to use the stencils. I suggest you watch the videos full-screen so you can see the detail.

If you cannot see the videos here, click here to see video 1 and here to see video 2.