Pattern and Tangle Links eBook FOURTH EDITION (2017)

Pattern Tangles ebook coverIf you are a fan of the Weekly Roundup, you know that each week I post two sets of links. The first is a collection of articles and video links that my be of interest to my readers, and the second consists of links to new patterns and tangles published that week.

The fourth edition of the Pattern and Tangle Links eBook contains over 4000 links to pattern step-outs and videos from the first six years of the Roundup. That's over 800 new links since the previous edition.

The eBook doesn't contain the patterns themselves, just web links to them. All the names are clickable and should take you to the web page where the pattern was published. Click here to download a sample.

Cost of the eBook is USD$6.49, payable with PayPal.

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This eBook is in PDF format which can be read on most computers, smartphones, or tablets. It contains all the links I posted in the Weekly Roundup from December 2010 to December 2016.