2015 Creativity Challenge – week 3

This is week three of Kelly Barone 2015 Challenge.
You can click the images for a larger view.

This is a page from my sketchbook, where I was experimenting with the tangle pattern Cadent, with some variations including a circular one.

From my sketchbook

I am a big fan of Dover Publications and I have a lot of their clip-art books. These two are colouring pages coloured with Prismacolour pencils.

Colored pencil flowers

Colored pencil flowers

These are two pins that can be worn together. The consist of wood pieces covered with Japanese paper and a Swarovski flatback crystal.

Wood pins with Japanese paper

I am experimenting with using grid-based tangle patterns in a circular grid. To get the circular grid, I use my Mandala Stencils. The first one is the pattern Cubine, and the second one is Bales.

Circular Cubine

Circular Bales

This past weekend, I attend Camerida, an event for Zentangle teachers. Calligrapher and book artist Cherryl Moote showed us how to make a booklet with no glue and no sewing. Pretty cool.

Small handmade booklet

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2015 Creativity Challenge – week 2

This is week two of Kelly Barone 2015 Challenge. Starting today, I will endeavour to post every Wednesday. Here are my pieces for week 2.

These two pieces started out as Gelli prints, with added stamping and stencilling, and use my Silhouette masks. In the first, I traced around one of the Yoga masks to cut a silhouette from sheet music. In the second, I used one of the Sisters masks when doing the Gelli printing. In both cases, I added some shading around each piece with a black coloured pencil.

Mixed media piece with silhouette

Mixed media piece with silhouette

After many years, I decided to get rid of my Cricut and buy a Silhouette so that I can cut my own designs. Sadly, there seems to be something wrong with the power supply, so I won't be doing any cutting just yet. Bummer.

My new silhouette

Before discarding the Cricut, I cut a bunch of snowflakes (or mandalas) sized especially for the round Gelli plate.

Die-cut shapes

I love making my own stamps, as I talked about in this blog post from last year. These are all made with fun foam, some with textured fun foam. The possibilities are endless!

A few fun foam stamps

Finally, a bit of digital art. I have been experimenting with combining Gelli prints digitally in Photoshop Elements. These four pieces were made by superimposing the same four Gelli prints with varying blending modes and transparency.

Digital combo 1

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Weekly Roundup #206

Donald Wilka, commenter #14 on the last roundup.
Thank you to all who participated.

FYI, I will be travelling next week, so there will be no roundup on January 16th.

It's a String Thing #73 Tiles compiled by Adele Bruno
It's a String Thing #74 by Adele Bruno
Joey's weekly tangle challenge #42
That's New to Me! Weekly Challenge by Suzanne Moshier
Tackle it Tuesday N-E-W by Cheryl Rotnem
Weekly Challenge #199: "UMT: Hitch by HeidiSue" by Laura Harms

I'm on Etsy by Sue Clark
Strathmore Paper Selector Guide
TanglePatterns.com Tangle Guide, 2015 Edition is here! by Linda Farmer
Zentangle "Tile Hugger" booklets

Be The Good Zentangle Meets Typography by Melinda Barlow
Pamphlet Stitch Journal with Wrap Around Cover by Grace Mendez
TanglePatterns String 138 by Lianne Woods via Linda Farmer
Zentangle Weaving with Suzanne McNeill

Review Day Six - Clearprint Vellum Field Book by Sandra Strait
Review Day Seven - Clearprint Vellum Field Book by Sandra Strait

2015 Creativity Challenge – week 1 by Geneviève Crabe
Opus #2 by Alice Hendon
Tangled steps by Joan Delony
Trim-A-Rim: Final Versions by Donald Wilka
Without string by Lily Moon

Patterns eBook

1.2 by Hsin-ya Hsu
Alphabet Pattern Series - K by Judy West
Castle-rock and Trapt - 1,2 and 3 by Lila Popcheff
Hitched by HeidiSue
Jesterz by Julia Ross
Paradox in circles video by Ellen Wolters
Tangle refresher 94 by Linda Farmer
Twizted tips by Adele Bruno
Tleaf by Hsin-ya Hsu
Violeta video by Ellen Wolters
Xyp video by Ellen Wolters

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2015 Creativity Challenge – week 1

Last week, I read a blog post by Kelly Barone, where she issued a challenge to do something creative every day this year. I have a bad track record when it comes to following challenges for a long time, but I decided that this was the perfect opportunity for me to start doing more art, rather than just reading about it and watching YouTube videos.

I'm going to do a show & tell blog post once a week to show what I'm up to.
Here are my pieces for week 1.

I always enjoy drawing mandalas, and it occurred to me that it had been a while since I created a mandala template, so I made that my first piece.

Zendala template number 9

A more recent art form in my repertoire is celtic knots. This is from my sketchbook, where I tried different ways to shade the same image, using the three different greys available in Prismacolor coloured pencils.

Celtic knots with Prismacolor greys

This is an experiment. I started with a page of sheet music that I covered with red acrylic paint. The flowers are cut from a Gelli print and glued on the sheet. I then added some line work, shading, and stamping for decoration.

Mixed media flowers

For the second year, I enrolled in Nathalie Kalbach's Creative Jump Start. It's an online class that consists of video lessons by 23 mixed media artists, released throughout the month of January.

In one of this week's lessons, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer showed how to create a stencil using your own face. Now I don't think this looks much like me, but I like it!

First attempt at cutting a face stencil

This is the cover of one of my sketchbooks. It started out as a Gelli print, but this week I decided to turn it up a notch by adding a little stencilling and stamping. I haven't decided whether it's finished or not.

Sketchbook cover

The next two pieces were unfinished mandalas in my sketchbook, now finished!


Another mandala from my sketchbook

Finally, today's piece is a hummingbird in pen & ink and coloured pencil on coloured card stock, based on a template by Ben Kwok.


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Weekly Roundup #205

Welcome to the first roundup of 2015, and a special giveaway. Over the holidays, my blog passed 500,000 page views. That's amazing! To thank you for all those page views, I am having a giveaway. Here is what you can win:

Giveaway A set of my Mandala Stencils
A set of my large Alphabet Stencils
A set of my new Silhouette Masks
A Pocket Tangle Organizer
Jenny Peruzzi All-In-One Terrific Tangle Stencil

To enter, simply leave a comment below, any time between now and next Friday, January 9th, at 12 noon EST. (If you're getting this post in an email, you will have to go to the website to leave a comment.)

I will make a random draw, and the winner will be announced in the January 9th roundup.

2015 Creative Challenge by Kelly Barone
2015 – 365 Days of Art Challenge by Deb Prewitt
It's a String Thing #71 Tiles compiled by Adele Bruno
It's a String Thing #72 by Adele Bruno
It's a String Thing #72 Tiles compiled by Adele Bruno
It's a String Thing #73 by Adele Bruno
January ATC Challenge - Circles by Deb Prewitt
Joey's weekly tangle challenge #40
Joey's weekly tangle challenge #41
Pattern Mixer Challenge #2 by Anya Lothrop

2015 Calendars by Chris Gerstner
Heading for 2015 with a free book by Jeanne Paglio
Pattern Links eBook Second Edition Now Available by Geneviève Crabe

Making a Hard Cover Book: Pt 1 - Creating the Signatures from Sakura
Making a Hard Cover Book: Pt 2 - Creating the Cover from Sakura
Mandala template #9 by Geneviève Crabe
Star Mandala template by LonettA
Strathmore online workshops in 2015
TanglePatterns String 136 by Barbara Morrison via Linda Farmer
TanglePatterns String 137 by Linda Farmer
Video Tangle: videos compiled by Jane Dickinson
Zendala template 06 by Lori Byerly

Review Day One - Clearprint Vellum Field Book by Sandra Strait
Review Day Two - Clearprint Vellum Field Book by Sandra Strait
Review Day Three - Clearprint Vellum Field Book by Sandra Strait
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Review Day Five - Clearprint Vellum Field Book by Sandra Strait

An Amazing Bucketful of Brushes by Sandra Strait
Fountain Pens and Making Marks by Sandra Strait
Trim-A-Rim: To color or shade by Donald Wilka
Trim-A-Rim: First version by Donald Wilka
What to do with little drawings? by Joey
Zentangle Method and Schools from Zentangle blog
Zentangle newsletter January 1st, 2015

Patterns eBook

Archer video by Chris Gerstner
Cubine, and then some by Margaret Bremner
Kiss by Katie Booth
Kuba by Mary Sargeant
Midnight by Chrissie Frampton
Moaz by Katie Booth
O-cee video by Chris Gerstner
Rattangle by Mei Hua Teng
Tangle Refresher 93 by Linda Farmer
Wolf Trail by Sue Jacobs
Xmas-red by Lin Chiu

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Mandala template #9

Here is a new mandala/zendala template. Click the images below to download the full-size template in PDF format. For more templates, visit my Mandala Templates page.

Mandala template #9

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Pattern Links eBook Second Edition Now Available

ebook second editionThe second edition of the Pattern and Tangle Links eBook contains 3000+ pattern links from the first four years of the Weekly Roundup. That's around 1000 new links since the first edition.

The eBook doesn't contain the tangles themselves, just web links to them. All the names are clickable and should take you to the web page where the pattern was published.


This eBook is in PDF format which can be read on most computers, smartphones, or tablets. It contains all the links I posted in the Weekly Roundup from December 2010 to December 2014.

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Weekly Roundup #204

Hi everyone, and welcome to the last Weekly Roundup of 2014. I'll be taking next week off, and the roundup will return on January 2nd.

In January, I will be publishing the second edition of my Pattern and Tangle Links eBook. It will contain all the links from the first edition, plus the links from all the 2014 roundups, that will be 500+ new links, in addition to the 2000+ links in the first edition. All the links are in alphabetic order by pattern name. If you have any suggestions for the second edition, please use the comments below.

I want to thank everyone who bought the first edition; I really appreciate your support.

At the same time, I am getting very close to 500,000 page views on the blog. So watch for a giveaway in the new year.

Happy Holidays!

Now let's get to the roundup...

It's a String Thing #70 Tiles compiled by Adele Bruno
It's a String Thing #71 by Adele Bruno
Joey's weekly tangle challenge #39
Weekly Challenge #198 "K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, silly!)" by Laura Harms

Strathmore announces 2015 Free Online Workshops

Celtic Christmas Tree by Judy West
Overlaid tangles by Margaret Bremner
TanglePatterns String 135 by Beth Snoderly via Linda Farmer
Zendala template 05 by Lori Byerly

World-record Zentangle mosaic boosts Operation Santa Claus in Hong Kong

Gelly Roll Sparkle, Shimmer, & Shine by Joanne Fink
If it stays still long enough ~ you can tangle it by Lois Stokes
"The Touch of the Master's Hand" Zentangle Meets Typography by Melinda Barlow

Akoya by Sandy Hunter
Aurstar by Hsin-ya Hsu
Cirque video by Chris Gerstner
Fjord by Diana von Kaenel
Ha-nuka by Yamit Fridman
Oolong by Jennifer Hohensteiner

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Weekly Roundup #203

Silhouette Masks

It's a String Thing #69 Tiles compiled by Adele Bruno
It's a String Thing #70 by Adele Bruno
Joey's weekly tangle challenge #38
Weekly Challenge #197 "New Official Tangle - Arukas" by Laura Harms

Time to Zen Out! by Joan Delony

Easy and quick ornaments and gift tags tutorial by Sue Jacobs
TanglePatterns String 134 by Grace McIntyre via Linda Farmer
Zentangle Rooster on Clayboard with Suzanne McNeill

Amsterdam - Day 2 of... from Zentangle blog
Calm Down and Get Your Zentangle On from Zentangle blog
Getting Ready for Christmas by Cris Letourneau
Tangled String Sketchbook by Chris Gerstner
On a Roll by Chris Gerstner
Playing with feathers by Debra Castaldi
Wood Ornaments by Rita Nikolajeva
Zentangle newsletter December 1st

Patterns eBook

Aunt Flower by Carolyn
Cloudfall by Lily Moon
Lealad by Lily Moon
Niuroda by Tina Hunziker
On Target by Barbara Finwall
Snowzags tips by Adele Bruno
Star-igami by Jean Theurkauf
Tangle Refresher 92 by Linda Farmer

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New mandala

Here is a new mandala I created yesterday. It's based on a template by Ben Kwok; the templates are available to members of Ben's Facebook group Ornation Creation.

Mandala in pen & ink and colored pencil

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