This week in art

I have always admired a style of portrait that uses a lot of colour, and thanks to Yuri Malkov's excellent iColorama tutorial, Here are my first two attempts.

dog painting

cat painting

The portraits are based on these two photos from Pixabay.

dog photo

cat photo

In an earlier post, I showed a teaser for a crochet project I had in the works. I have now finished my cocoon jacket. I think it turned out great!

Edit: I forgot to include the link to the great how-to video from YarnUtopia.

cocoon jacket

cocoon jacket


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8 Responses to This week in art

  1. ronit says:

    Love the new pics!!! and the jacket is to die for!!!

  2. Susan Theron says:

    Lovely art work and yes your jacket is to die for. You give me an idea - perhaps I must also crochet a jacket for me since our winter will start soon.

  3. LezliB says:

    I love your artwork, especially since I am partial to animals more than people most days. Since I have 3 cats, I am especially fond of the cat picture. Your crocheted sweater is fabulous too! I love to crochet and have been looking for a sweater for me since I tend to get quite cold a lot of times, especially when my blood sugar is dropping. I'll check out the link, thank you and thank you for sharing!

  4. Patsy Burroughs says:

    Genevieve, WOW on both the art and the jacket. Not sure how you did the art but it came out sooo beautiful. I crochet, but that I think the jacket is out of my league, but will show my Sister (who is awesome on crochet) and maybe 'hint' for my birthday? Love the colors you used on the jacket.

    • Genevieve says:

      Thank you, Patsy. I made the jacket with Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, the colour is Painted Desert. The pattern is so easy! It's basically a giant granny square, a bit of joining on the sides, and then the border.

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