This week in art

Two new mandalas this week. Line art done in iOrnament, and coloured in Procreate.

Digital mandala

Digital mandala

On another note, I actually made this a couple of weeks ago, but since it’s a gift, I couldn’t post until today. It’s a crocheted baby blanket and loom-knitted hat I made for my friend Lena who is having a baby boy in a few weeks.

blanket and hat

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4 Responses to This week in art

  1. ronit says:

    Very cool!!! Did you intend the first mandala to look like a ring of owlish men or is it just me???

  2. Susan Theron says:

    What a spot on description – owlish men:) Lovely art and if I were the receiver of the gifts for the baby I would have been thrilled.

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