This week in art

This week, I am working on Robin Mead’s cool online class, Crazy Colorful Cityscapes.

In this cityscape collage, the buildings are cut from a variety of painted papers.


Although the course uses traditional methods, I had to try my hand at doing a digital cityscape.


In this week’s lesson, we are using stamps to create our buildings. Here is a collection of my handmade stamps. I had a good collection already, and I carved some new ones this week.





If you want to see all the artwork I have done
since the beginning of the year,
I have posted all the pieces in this Flickr album.

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Thanks! I love Robin’s classes, they get me to try something totally new. It was in one of her classes that I first learned about Procreate on iPad, and look at what happened with that! 🙂

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