Weekly Roundup #267

weekly roundup
Colouring books


A to Z of Zentangle – B is for Breathe by Cris Letourneau
A to Z of Zentangle – C is for Creativity by Cris Letourneau
A to Z of Zentangle – D is for Deliberate by Cris Letourneau
A to Z of Zentangle – E is for Easy by Cris Letourneau
A to Z of Zentangle – F is for Fun by Cris Letourneau
A to Z of Zentangle – G is for Gentle by Cris Letourneau
It’s a String Thing #138 Tiles compiled by Adele Bruno
It’s a String Thing #139 by Adele Bruno
Joey’s weekly tangle challenge #107
Tangle Mosaic Project #2 results compiled by Annette Plaga-Lodde
TanglePatterns String 203 by Mary Ellen Calhoun
Weekly Challenge #51: Q-E-R by Diane and Carolien
Weekly Challenge #262: “UMT Fassett by Lynn Mead” by Laura Harms
Weekly Strings 1-4 from Pattern-Collections


Elatorium: Daily New Challenges 386-392
Monotangle Adventures challenge #13: Printemps
Ornation Creation: 174-Rat by Ben Kwok
Shading Zentangle Challenge: Before and After
Shading Zentangle Challenge: Cruze
Square One: Purely Zentangle® Weekly Focus: Cruze
Tangle It! Mandala Club 2016 challenges
Tangle It! Pattern Club Weekly Challenge: Steampunk
Zentangle All Around Prompt: Think Outside the Box
Zentangle Tangled & Journaled, Too!: Think Outside the Box


New website: Pattern Collections
– How to create a tangle pattern step-out
– How to submit a pattern to pattern-collections.com


My week in art by Geneviève Crabe

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Aim by Christine Reyes
Agora by Lianne Woods
Alegre by Carlos Cano
Ando by Kim Winebrenner
Bep by Beth Snoderly
Bleeding Heart by Tricia Long
Bloomin’ Blue by Linda Rea
B-Twixt tangle by Randi Wynne-Parry
Caught by Christine Reyes
Checkerstar video by Bunte Galerie
Dazzly by Shazia
Flip Flap video by Bunte Galerie
Fan of Hearts by Rachel Foster
Field of Flowers by Melinda Barlow
G’raf by Jen Morey
Knightsbridge, and More Knightsbridge by Caren Mlot
Lark by Sandra Strait
Mooka variation video by Stephanie Jennifer
Moxie by Jane Nichols
Mr E video by Melinda Barlow
Queasy by Ina Sonnenmoser
Sea Bird by Sandy Moore
Starzie by Linda Rea
Tagh tips by Adele Bruno
Try Star by Amy Long
Viral by Ina Sonnenmoser
Vivid by Ina Sonnenmoser
Wisket by Sandra Strait
Zero-IN by Linda Brown Levin

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3 Responses to Weekly Roundup #267

  1. Sandy Moore says:

    You have my permission to add my Spider Tower pattern here

    • Genevieve says:

      Hi Sandy… I guess your pattern was missing from the New Patterns page on the Patterns Collection site. I’ll make a note to add it to the next roundup.

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