Weekly Roundup #252

Colouring book


It’s a String Thing #121 Tiles compiled by Adele Bruno
It’s a String Thing #122 by Adele Bruno
Joey’s weekly tangle challenge #90
TanglePatterns String 186 by Barbara Morrison
Tackle it Tuesday 79 – Y string by Cheryl Rotnem
Thursday String Idea #18 by Alice Hendon
Weekly Challenge #36: X-P-I by Diane and Carolien
Weekly Challenge #257: UMT: African Artist by Tina-Akua Hunziker


Elatorium: Daily New Challenges 267-273
Ornation Creation: 150-Vintage Perfume Bottle, 151-Tape Cassette by Ben Kwok
Shading Zentangle Challenge: Wud
Square One: Purely Zentangle® Weekly Focus: Wud
Tangle It! Pattern Club Weekly Challenge: Tangle around the hidden objects
Zentangle All Around Prompt: Christmas Wonderland, Word as Negative Space
Zentangle Tangled & Journaled, Too!: December Tangle Showcase


Gems & Ornaments by Simona Cordara
Holiday Shopping Ideas by Simona Cordara: #1 #2 #3
Shading Crescent Moon Ebook by Eni Oken
Shading Narwal Ebook + Bonus Video by Eni Oken
Zentangle Calendar for 2016 by Carole Ohl


Blue Jewel/Jem/Gem on White Paper by Stephanie Jennifer
Newsprint Gift Wrap by Grace Mendez
Tangle Folk by Billie Lauder


2015 Creativity Challenge – week 49 by Geneviève Crabe
ABC of Zentangle… L stands for Love, Life, Liberty by Dilip Patel
How “Morning on the Silk Road” came to be by Margaret Bremner
On the third day of Christmas, Bijou sent to me… from Zentangle blog
On the fourth day of Christmas, Bijou bestowed on me… from Zentangle blog
On the fifth day of Christmas Bijou toasted me… from Zentangle blog
On the sixth day of Christmas, Bijou presented to me… from Zentangle blog
On the seventh day of Christmas, Bijou told to me… from Zentangle blog
On the eighth day of Christmas, Bijou whispered to me… from Zentangle blog
On the ninth day of Christmas, Bijou (and friend) created for me… from Zentangle blog
Perform Anonymous Acts of Kindness by Melinda Barlow

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Cornetz by Lizzie Mayne
Curvy line tangles by Sue Jacobs
Damia by Damy Teng
Deco Baubles by Neil Burley
D’rua by Damy Teng
Hexalay by Lizzie Mayne
Lochal by Ela Rieger
Longtude by Lizzie Mayne
Plop by Beth Snoderly
Ruffel by Helen Williams
Ruffel progression by Helen Williams
Use by Sandra Strait
Xin by Damy Teng
Y-Chain by Damy Teng

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