Decorating Celtic Knots part 1 of 2

Celtic knots are a lot of fun to decorate in grayscale or colour.

In these first three examples, I used repeating patterns in pen & ink.

celtic knot

celtic knot

celtic knot

Other than pen & ink, you can use graphite for shading.

Here, I divided the strands in half, and shaded one side.

celtic knot

In this one, I shaded to enhanceĀ the illusion of overlap of the strands by having darker shading where one strand goes under another.

celtic knot

And in this one, by shading darker on the edges and lighter in the middle, I can give the illusion that the strands are dimensional tubes.

celtic knot

In part 2 next Monday, I will show you some ideas using colour.

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4 Responses to Decorating Celtic Knots part 1 of 2

  1. jeanne says:

    I just drew a knot from the examples. It’s easy…thanks..I love Celtics knots

  2. ronit says:

    Love what you’ve done with the knots, especially the first three – they are really striking!!! The yin-yang one is my fave šŸ™‚

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