Weekly Roundup #178

Zentangle word cloud

Tangle Organizers

Articles, Videos, Tutorials

ABC of Zentangle…W by Dilip Patel
Challenge and Giveaway – My new book by Judy West
Evolution of my Mookas #8: Update (finally) by Mildred Galliher
Free Mandala Starter by Cindy Angiel
It’s a String Thing #44 Tiles compiled by Adele Bruno
It’s a String Thing #45 by Adele Bruno
Joey’s weekly tangle challenge #13
Kelly’s 30 day creative challenge Day 14
– Day 15 – Day 16 – Day 17 – Day 18 – Day 19 – Day 20
Let Me Show You The Steps by Alice Hendon
Review of the Clairefontaine Triomphe Writing Notepad by Sandra Strait
Sakura’s Pigma Micron® Pen video
Tackle it Tuesday “O” Tangles by Cheryl Rotnem
TanglePatterns String 109 by David Rae via Linda Farmer
Tangle Refresher 79 by Linda Farmer
Weekly Challenge #172 “Duotangle – Auraknot vs Mooka” by Laura Harms

Tangles and Patterns

Diamond Fence by Linda Rea
Dutch Diamonds by Alice Hendon
Espree, Elan, Ewah by Melinda Butcher
Jingles by Connie Taylor
Mooka tip by Margaret Bremner
Morse by Margaret Bremner
Stitch by Karry Heun and variations by Mei Hua Teng
Verity by Lila Popcheff
Yah by Emily Classon

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9 Responses to Weekly Roundup #178

  1. alice says:

    oh my gosh! i love showing up in your weekly roundup! and i’m in here twice – twice blessed – thanks, genevieve!

  2. Genevieve, I’ve drawn up instructions for a pattern that was inspired by your Fleurette…I would like to put it out there, but respectfully wanted to ask your permission before I did. I couldn’t find any contact information for you on your blog to send it to you for your approval.

  3. Ooh, I missed that I was in this one! Thanks, Genevieve!

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