Weekly Zentangle Roundup

Mandala Stencils

Articles, Videos, Tutorials

Celtic Challenge 21 by Judy West
Give Away by Jane Monk
Man! I Feel Like an Artist by Emily Classon
Tangled Love by Carole Ohl
TanglePatterns String 038 by Barbara Finwall via Linda Farmer
Tangle Refresher 44 by Linda Farmer
tangles by Geneviève Crabe – by Sue Jacobs
Virtual Book Club by Cris Letourneau: One Zentangle a Day
Weekly Challenge #105: “UMT v. XIII: Dansk” and GIVEAWAY by Laura Harms
Zendala Dare #43 – Feeling like an artist by Erin Koetz Olson

Tangles and Patterns

A Bed of Roses by LeeAnn Denzer
Billows by Dawn Maurice
Bubblewrap by Emily Perkins
Choots by Emily Perkins
Electronial by Emily Perkins
Frosty by Emily Perkins
Intertwine by Neil Burley
Gental Petals by Emily Perkins
Giotto by Anne Marks
Jakubs by Emily Perkins
Lovetangle by Denyse Jones
Ogee by Ronnie Szczerba
Pacpaw by Emily Perkins
Paprus by Judy West
Spention by Emily Perkins
Spoel by Jeanet via Sandra Strait
Starawn by Judy Murphy
Thongs by Emily Perkins
Voga by Carole Ohl
Y-flip video by Helen Williams
Zing, Undergrowth and Streaming in by Judy West

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