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Book Giveaway: Made in the Shade by Cris Letourneau
Induction from the Zentangle blog
TanglePatterns String 035 by Anne Marks via Linda Farmer
Weekly Challenge #101 Slideshow
Weekly Challenge #102: “DuoTangle v.VI: Auraknot/Bunzo” by Laura Harms
Zendala Dare #40 by Erin Koetz Olson

Tangles and Patterns

Drack and Batch by Helen Williams
Heartrope by Bunny Wright
Heartstrings by Helen Williams
Hotpots by Sandra Strait
LawnYawns by Sandra Strait
Munchin – alternate steps by Margaret Bremner
Nemnies by Shoshi
Olb by Helen Williams
Palm it by Linda Rea
Pineapple by Neil Burley
Ruffles and Soutache by Lizzie Mayne
Smubbles and Squeezles by Ellen Wolters
Spawn by Shoshi
Spinstar by Lara Williams
Sunrise by Judy West
Y-Ful Power by Shoshi
Y-Pod by Shoshi
Zroz by Dawn Maurice

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5 Responses to Weekly Zentangle Roundup

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  2. Jakki Keens Garlans says:

    Geneviève – I just want to thank you so very much for the time you spend putting together the weekly round up. Your links have been so very interesting and inspiring.

    My daughter has, sadly, just been diagnosed with lymphoma so I am going to be going through your previous posts to uncover articles on the use of zentangling in hospitals and therapeutic situations. The art coordinator at our local cancer centre is very excited to see whatever I can bring her.

    Again, thank you for your time and the fact we can rely on you to bring us this information on such a regular basis.

    I cannot tell you how much it means to me.

    Jakki Garlans

  3. helen says:

    Genevieve, it amazes me how you keep on top of all this stuff! Thankyou! I love using your posts to check out the new patterns each week.

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