Weekly Zentangle Roundup

Mandala Stencils

Please note that there will not be a roundup next Friday; I will be in Toronto at the Creativ Festival. The roundup will return on October 19th.


Artistically Speaking Talk Show by Rebecca Parsons
Celtic Challenge 8 by Judy West
Ghostly Alphabet Distructions by Judy West
I’m hosting the October Carnvial of Pens, Pencils and Paper! by Sandra Strait
Neo Alphabet Distructions by Judy West
One last project: Twinkling H2Os by Alice Hendon
Review of Suzanne McNeill’s Zentangle 101 class by Sandra Strait
so, so much knyt-ing. My hands are tired! by Helen Williams
Tangle-a-day calendars are ready to ship! by Carole Ohl
TanglePatterns String 020 by Margaret Bremner via Linda Farmer
Tangle Refresher 35 by Linda Farmer
The latest rubber stamps based on my artwork are available by Sandra Strait
Using New Products by Alice Hendon
Video: Art/Photo Journaling with Brush & Calligraphy Pens by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
Weekly Challenge #87: “Pinwheels v 2.0” Slideshow by Laura Harms and Suzanne Wilka
Weekly Challenge #89: UMT v. IX: “Sankegg” by Laura Harms
Wiggly Alphabet Distructions by Judy West
Zendala Dare #25 by Erin Koetz Olson
Zentangle Untangled Book Launch by Kass Hall


Candle by Girasole Giallo
Cayke tangle is Rose Brown
Class-EE by Sandra Strait
Cuore by Girasole Giallo
Esses by Girasole Giallo
Kisses by Helen Williams
Link feather by Helen Williams
Renda by Girasole Giallo
Sankegg by Maria Vennekens
Alternative stepouts for Sankegg by Sarah D
Alternative stepouts for Sankegg by Suzanne Wilka
Scrolled Feather variations by Helen Williams
Ups ‘n’ downs by Girasole Giallo

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  2. alice says:

    genevieve – thank you so much for including my work here! i appreciate all you do for us – gathering information and providing us with quality products – thank you!

  3. maggiekat says:

    I really love your weekly “digest” of links. You do a lot of work for people like me who want to keep up but have limited time. Thanks, Genevieve! (and if I could figure out how, I’d get the accent over that third “e”)

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