Freestyle Celtic Knot challenge

In my last Weekly Roundup, I posted a link to a Freestyle Celtic Knot challenge from Judy West. Her post includes a link to this video:

I  just had to try out this very cool technique. I drew the image on coloured card stock, and then added shading and highlighting with coloured pencil.

freeform celtic knot

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7 Responses to Freestyle Celtic Knot challenge

  1. Judy West says:

    Looks good Genevieve. You have definitely mastered the freestyle Celtic knot.

  2. Phoenix says:

    Lovely meandering knot! I love how the shading emphasizes the rope/string 🙂

  3. alice says:

    i like the colors you used and the way you used color to provide highlights – i need to work on that. didn’t you like the way you could just swirl this one around wherever you wanted?

  4. Annet says:

    I’m glad you gave this a try, somehow I missed it in your weekly roundup. I gave it a try too, it was so much fun. Thanks for inspiring me!

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