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Zentangle Untangled Blog Tour: Review, Tutorial, and Giveaway

Several months ago, I was contacted by Kass Hall, one of my classmates from Zentangle Teacher Certification. She wanted me to contribute some artwork to a book she was writing called Zentangle Untangled. I agreed enthusiastically.

Here is one of my contributions. I wanted to show different colour schemes that could be use to colour some Zendalas. I drew three small Zendalas and made copies on card stock. I used coloured pencils with three colour schemes: monochromatic, analogous, and complimentary.

Zendala colour schemes

When I received my copy of the book earlier this month, I fell in love with it. It’s not so much a how-to book about Zentangle, but more about the philosophy behind Zentangle, and how you can use it in your life. Kass has a wonderful way with words, and a great way to talk about what Zentangle is, and what it isn’t.

Kass’s artwork is beautiful, and Β you’ll find the book inspirational.

Another one of my contributions to the book is one of my wood & Zentangle brooches; you can see some of them here. I have been asked how I prepare the wood for drawing, so I’m including a little tutorial here. I will show how to prep a wood piece for drawing with a pen directly on the raw wood, and also how to prep with paint.


You will need some thin wood shapes, a small flat paint brush, and a wood sealer; I use DecoArt Primer-Sealer.Β My favourite places to get wood shapes are: StockadeΒ andΒ Bear With Us.


I love metallic paints. My favourite are DecoArt Metallics. In this tutorial, I use Copper. You can use any metallis acrylic paint.


You’ll need a fine-grit sandpaper, and a pin back to finish your pin. I also like to add flatback Swarovski crystals.


On the painted piece, I use a butterfly stencil, Flutterbies TS10 by Tracy Moreau.

butterfly stencil

Sealing, Painting, Sanding

First, a word on sanding. Whenever you apply a water-based product to raw wood, it will raise the grain of the wood, and the wood will have to be sanded with fine grit sandpaper to give it a smooth surface.

I only use the sealer on the pin that will not be painted. I brush a coat of the sealer, and following the directions, let it cure for 24 hours. Then I give it a light sanding.

apply sealer

For the painted pin, I apply one coat of paint and let it dry.

apply paint

I sand the surface, and apply a second coat of paint.



I learned from experience that, before drawing with an ink pen, it’s necessary to let the paint cure for 24-48 hours. Otherwise, even though the paint is dry, it’s still a bit soft and can clog your pen.

So… you now draw using your favourite tangles, and create a unique piece of wearable art!

finished pins


I use white glue to attach the pin back, and then I add a little bling with some flatback crystals, also attached with white glue.

I don’t usually varnish my pieces, but if you want to, I recommend using a spray varnish for the first coat, to make sure the ink won’t smear. You can then use your favourite varnish.


The giveaway is over. See this post for the announcement of the winner.

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I have done a couple of Zentangles on wood before, but hadn’t used the primer like you showed. I will try to do that next time and see how I like it. I would love to win a copy of this book. It looks fabulous.

This was such a useful post for me as I’ve not much experience of either working on wood or tangling. The idea of little pins like this is delightful. Thank you too for the chance to win the book – I’m avidly saving for it so to win it would be very special indeed.
Thanks for your Tangle Roundups too – they’re so useful for a beginner like myself.
Paula (PEP)

I just love this idea! Think I might have to try it myself! Thanks for a chance to win a copy of this book…its on my wishlist already!

I like your blog very much and i would love to win the drawing, I am new to zentangling and enjoying the blog hop.

hi genevieve, i’d wondered about your pins – so, thanks for the step by step! i like that you include the crystals – so pretty πŸ™‚

i’d like to be in the drawing πŸ™‚ if you should need it, my email is kenoly2000@hotmail. com

I have been thinking about doing some Christmas ornaments for my teacher friends and wondering about the steps to tangling on wood. Thank you so much for the helpful tutorial. My fingers are crossed for a copy of Kass’s book.

You are so creative Genevieve. I always look forward to reading your blog updates and seeing what you’ve been up to. I’m sure the book will be a huge success with so many interested in Zentangle. Congratulations on having some of your creations included.

it was a great initiative wasn’t it? But that’s Genevieve – always thinking outside and doing something fantastic. I was so lucky to have her as a contributor.

That’s such a cool idea to tangle on the wood and make a pin out of it. Enjoyed you input on the book and your contribution too!

I have signed up for a class on Aug 7th. Am so wanting to give this a try as I find myself doing little “doodles” in my day planner whenever I am on hold. So now I will actually make Zentangles instead.

BTW the pin is very cute – sometimes the glue for the pin may not stay – I make sure to sand the wood rough then use the elastoplast portion of a bandaid (strong fibers) and put across the whole base of the pin against the wood using sealer as an extra hold.

I’m just not too good when it comes to working with primers πŸ˜€ Takes too long I for my “instant gratification” I guess

Thank you so much for these directions! I have appreciated your weekly round up so much to ensure I keep up with the tangles around the web, and was excited to see your work in Kass’ book, but really you are so generous to give these additional and detailed instructions. Thank you, most sincerely, from this wanna-be-artist!

Pick me! =0) Love the little brooch tutorial! And also the color schemes for the zendalas! I’m just getting started trying the zendalas (and LOVE them!) so trying a little color is going to be an even more fun adventure! Thanks Genevieve!!

I would never have thought to tangle on wood. I am definitely going to try this. Thank you for the inspiration.

I am ever so glad that we went to C2C this year…….love to Zentanlge and who would have thought….thanks Genevieve for keeping us inspired…..awesome!

I love this project of yours Genevieve! Your instructions are clear, and your pictures are giving me the itch to give it a go. Thank You for sharing! πŸ™‚

Robin Johnson

I love what you have done with the colouring of the zendalas. I also wish to thank you for sharing the tutorial with everyone. You did a wonderful job of breaking it into simple steps and photos also. You are pretty awesome.

Love to try the Zentangle, watched you at C2C and was inspired but was not the time to start something new, find now I need something zen like and your blog is so uplifting. Did not even think of using something else then paper.

Love your coloured mandalas. Zentangle on wood, how cool! Nice tutorial.

Love your easy to follow instructions. Please enter me for the give-a-way.

New to zentangles, but they are certainly fascinating. Now I just need to get out the pen and start! Please enter me in your giveaway.

Love your ease to follow instructions. Please enter me for the give-a-way.


Love the pins. Thanks so much for the tutorial. The book looks really interesting and I’d love to have a copy!!

Genevieve, you are so creative. I love tangling to make useful objects. You can use only so many tiles after a while. Keep those great ideas coming.

Beautiful work on the pins- I also love seeing the variations in the coloring of your tiles. Thanks for the chance to win!

Very pretty – and interesting. I’m thinking this would be great as the inside base of a basket.

What a lovely idea! I have used Zentangles in other art pieces, and I love wearable art! I can’t wait to give these a try. Thanks!

Thank you so much for the tutorial. I LOVE your art. and I really enjoy all the things you so willingly share on your site. I have been following you for a long time and truly find you so wonderful. I cannot wait to read Kass’s Book

Thanks for sharing your art with us! Splendid. And I appreciate the chance to win a copy of Kass Hall’s book. Love your contributions. This is a great giveaway. Should I be the lucky winner, please contact me at Thanks again!

Love those coloured zendalas and your website. I get your roundup every week and spend hours checking out all the new tangles and videos. Thanks for the tute.

Wow, I love the butterly pin and the book looks great! Love the chance to win, thanks!

Love the ideas you share and your tutorials are so easy to follow – thanks for being a constant source of inspiration through both your sharing and your own artistry. Thanks also for a chance to win a copy of what sounds like a fabulous book!

Love the brooches you showed us how to make. I also love the Zentangle books. They are small, easy to carry to Dr.s appts. and full of info. I don’t have new one yet but I bet it will be just as fun as the rest of the collection.


Primer!! Genius….never thought of that. Love your zentangles….what a great friend you are to help out Kass on such short notice…your work is beautiful.

She sure is Joanne – this book simply would NOT have made it on deadline without Genevieve’s talent and kindness. She deserves all the love and thanks she’s getting here πŸ™‚

Looks like you had fun making samples for the book. I like colored Zentangles. It was nice to see the different combinations you chose. I will have to try using wood for a Zentangle project in the future. Winning the book would be lovely, your drawing is on my birthday. Here’s hoping.

Thanks for your wonderful post! I find that your ideas and suggestions with Zentangles give me lots of inspiration! I heard Kass Hall on a webinar last week and I’d love to win her “Zentangle Untangled” book!

Thanks for a chance to win a copy of this book…
i love your blog full of inspiration and information

What a neat idea. Thanks so much for sharing. Would love to win a copy of this book

Love this idea! I have a ton of those small wood pieces and now I know what I can do with them!! :o)

I’m just starting out with zentangling and the book would be awesome to have! Love your tutorial too! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win the book πŸ™‚

I am having tons of fun on this bloghop, inspired by different applications of zentangles. It’s a really versatile tool.

What a terrific tutorial!! Thanks so much for sharing your method, I love your wonderful contributions to the book as well! I’m so glad I got back to your blog….I couldn’t get in to the post earlier. Your site is fabulous!

I love the idea for the broaches! Quite lovely!
Thanks for sharing your art with us!

What a cute way to get folks to comment! I was 65th to comment.
I’ve had a blog for 3 years and NEVER had 65 comments! Hahaha.
I did hard copy the directions for the Zentangle Brooches. What a darling idea and I can see this as totally fun. I am wondering if Michaels Crafts carries some of the wood cut outs so that I don’t have to pay shipping for them? Does any one know? Seems like I’ve seen these in bags somewhere. I think I might like the background to be white or silver. I wonder if I could do black with white drawing? Have you tried that? I hope I win the book but if I don’t I will probably buy it anyway. I love Zentangles.

Hi Ginny… Yes, Michael’s does carry some wood cutouts. Not a huge selection, but enough to get you started. You can do white on black by painting the wood black, and using a white gel pen. Lots of possibilities!

What a great idea this blog hop is.I have been having so much fun with this bloghop. I love zentangles. Your art is also wonderful. Such inspiration on this blog hop. I love getting up and cresting. It is what keeps me going since my disability. Zentangle is great therapy. Thank you so much for all of this inspiration.

Looking forward to trying my hand at zentangle. Like the use of stencils for the outlining of the various projects. Tracy has a lot of them that would work. Lots of inspiration from your site. Thanks

You are such a talented artist Genevieve. I absolutely love your zentangling and you have inspired me to delve deeper into this art form. I’d love to win the book you are offering, too. Thanks for the chance.

One of the greatest things I think an artist can offer is a tutorial of their work! That is a wonderful sharing experience and I treasure the information. So many out there are so afraid of “letting go” of an idea in fear of being copied…so someone who offers up great ideas for us to learn by…they are truly a gift to us all. Thank you for your tutorial and so excited that you are represented in the book!

This may seem silly, but I actually never thought of doing the Zentangles on wood! I am a novice Zentangler, and I’m sure that I will think more out of the box with more experience. Thanks so much for your tips and instruction!

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