Weekly Zentangle Roundup

Tangle Organizers


Giveaway: A ZIA Spiralation Celebration by Michele Beauchamp
Celtic wheel template by Ellen Wolters
TanglePatterns String 004 by Sue Agnew via Linda Farmer
Tangle Refresher 27 by Linda Farmer
Video: Blend Koi Markers Like Watercolors by Lisa Engelbrecht
Video: Zentangle® Peek-a-Boo Card by Suzanne McNeill
Weekly Challenge #74: “String Theory v. X: Eccentric Circles” by Laura Harms
Zendala Dare #10 by Erin Koetz Olson


Alpz by Linda Rea
Ananas by Simone Bischoff
Background #6-Steampunk Series by Sandra Strait
Edjin by Linda Rea
Effloresce by Linda Rea
Erntedank by Simone Bischoff
Girdy by Karl Stewart
Leashed hart by Linda Rea
Nails by Suzanne McNeill
Notebook 16 (00) by Ana Navas
Notebook 16 (1) by Ana Navas
Pinie by Simone Bischoff
Prow by Sandra Strait
Pywackit by Sandra Strait
Reel by Sandra Strait
Slapdash by Linda Rea
Sonnenkristall by Simone Bischoff
S wich Blade by Carol Ottaway
TOG and Spandrae by Tammi Rapp
Trailin by Linda Rea
Triomino by Simone Bischoff
Ving and ZEWM by Amy Broady
Wabenrelief by Simone Bischoff
Wabenwelle by Simone Bischoff
Zangwill by Linda Rea
Zest by Linda Rea

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