Weekly Zentangle Roundup

Tangle Organizers


Flow by Rick & Maria
Lettering with Tombow by Marie Browning
Review & Giveaway of Bonnie Jean Woolger Handmade Pen by Sandra Strait
Review: Elephant Poo-poo; Sugarcane & Landscape Format Writing Pads by Sandra Strait
Tangle Refresher 23 by Linda Farmer
Video: Drawing With White Media on Black Paper by The Virtual Instructor
Video: Koi Coloring Brush Product Video by Sakura


Achillea by Ana Navas
Any’s peacockpaisley by Jeannine Schoonaert
Aquilegia by Ana Navas
Armeria Maritima by Ana Navas
Basic Flower Steps by Carolyn Boettner
Botanical by Sandra Strait
Candle Glow by Suzanne McNeill
Centaurea by Ana Navas
Clarkia Amoena by Ana Navas
Cloud Swirl by Jane Monk (on Facebook)
Corkin by Sandy Hunter
Fuschia II by Ana Navas
Hart Decal by Linda Rea
Katahdin by Molly Bee
Krisp by Elena Hadzijaneva
More on Mimi Lempart’s Mi^2 from Zentangle blog
Paradox Tunnel by Sarah D
Phansy by Lara Williams
Pooma by Sandy Hunter
Snircles by Sandy Hunter
Veezley by Sandy Hunter
Yellow Flower Steps by Carolyn Boettner

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