Newspaper Article

Earlier this week, I was interviewed for an article in a local newspaper, the St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News. To my surprise, the article appeared on the front page! (Scroll down for a close-up of the article.)

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19 Responses to Newspaper Article

  1. Amy Broady says:

    YAY Genevieve! Very cool! Great publicity for you and for Zentangle. I'm glad the newspaper chose to highlight it on the front page.
    CZT 4

  2. Kate Murray says:

    Wonderful, and the front page, too!
    CZT #4

  3. Way to go! I love seeing zentangle land in the news, and I love seeing zentanglers there even more!

  4. Grace Mendez says:

    I completely agree with the statement "it's not doodling, it's a piece of art." Congratulations on getting the front page. Yay!
    Grace Mendez, CZT
    San Francisco Bay Area, California

  5. Congrats! Hope you have full and fun classes!

  6. Oh, Genevieve--I am so pleased for you - you deserve all the recognition you get as you work so hard and your 'tangles' are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this exciting news.

  7. Chari-Lynn Reithmeier says:

    WTG! Genevieve.
    Chari-Lynn CZT #4

  8. Kathleen Loughran says:

    Congratulations !!

  9. Terrific! What great publicity. Hope you get lots for your class!

  10. Bette Abdu says:

    Bravo! Thanks for showing off Zentangle is such a positive way.

  11. Karen Marshall says:

    Awesome publicity for awesome art created by an awesome artist! Indeed well deserved! Congratulations Genevieve!

  12. Karen Woodbine says:

    Fantastic write-up Genevieve. Good for you. I hope this publicity brings you new students for months to come!
    Karen, CZT 4

  13. Wonderful! I sure this will bring you lots of converts to Zentangle. Have fun at your class.

  14. Betty Newhouse says:

    Congratulations on your Front page article. and thank you for sharing this art form!

  15. Congratulations! Front page, wow!

  16. Beth Cody says:

    Wonderful, Gen. What great publicity for a great lady. Hope you have a good turnout.

  17. Sue Clark says:

    Wonderful article, Gen! Congratulations! I hope you get lots of new students.

  18. Genevieve says:

    Thanks everybody!

  19. Great photo! Congratulations!

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