New Tangle: Equerre

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Hi Dale… I just tried it and it works fine for me. I right-clicked on the image above, and saved the image to my desktop. If you want to tell me in more detail what you are doing, I’m sure I can help you. You can email me directly at gcrabe (at)

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your zentangle. I was recently introduced to this very fun, addictive hobby, and sincerely appreciate the patterns I have found on the Tangle Patterns website.

I like this particular one because it reminds me of a log cabin quilt pattern – one of my favorite quilt patterns and other hobby!

i love this pattern!!! i used this pattern on my box where i stored my wedding ring for my husband! sadly my hjusband didnt like it. he said no. i call him my husband anyway. he calls me crazy but i know it’s meant to be. ill get through the restraining order one day to find the path to true love.

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